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Location, parking, public transport and contact information


(1) Location:




The destination for your navigation device:

Street: Ferienland 2
Postcode: 07924 Crispendorf (bei Schleiz)

(2) Parking:



There are numerous parking spaces available in the area.

(3) The arrival by public transport:


The nearest bus stop is located in the village Crispendorf. From there to the Railway and the "Ferienland Crispendorf", there are 20 minutes walk.


Timetable information for bus and train to Crispendorf:


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(4) Contact information:


The sponsors´association:
Logo Verein


Post address:

Ferienlandeisenbahn Crispendorf e.V. (name)
Postfach 20 01 04 (post office box)
01191 Dresden (postcode)


Phone number and E-mail address:

+49 (0) 177/ 56 61 10 4
info (ät) ferienlandeisenbahn.de


Translation: S. Muehle, E. Ulbricht, P. Heinrich

Pictures: collection Muehle